Moonlight Rides by Horseback riding


Monday May 28th Tuesday May 29th Wednesday May 30   6PM Saddle Time 75$/rider

Wednesday June 27 Thursday June 28 Friday June 30 630 Saddle time 75$/rider

Thursday July 26 Friday July 27 Saturday July 28  7PM Saddle time 75$/rider horseback riding trail riding

Join us for a magical forest trail ride as the full moon rises.

  The moon is high above us, giving us light in the dark.  She illuminates our world, our souls, our minds.  Like the ever-moving tides, constant yet changing.  She moves the water with her cycles, and it nourishes us and brings us life.
Spring is here, and the earth is bursting with new life.
Mornings begin bright and sunny, and afternoon gives way to blustery showers of wind and rain. We welcome the water when it comes because it nourishes that which has yet to bloom.
We welcome the water from all around from places far and near.